Climate Emergency Popup

In Spring 2022 we gratefully recieved a Councillors Grant from Cllr Sarah Feeney (Benn Ward) for £500, to create a Climate Emergency Pop-Up Hub.

This is based on the idea of a Climate Emergency Centre, many of which have been successfully created in empty shops and other spaces, most notably in London.

Climate Emergency Centres follow three basic principles:

  1. It has a solutions focus- for people and planet

  2. It is local and inclusive- focused on meeting community needs

  3. It is an active part of a wider network- for mutual support and cooperation

Our Rugby Pop-Up Hub

With our current size, unfortunately we lack the capacity to run a full CEC, however we decided to do a stripped down version that will have the added benefit of being portable. The main functions of our Climate Emergency Pop-up are:

  • To provide information on the climate crisis

  • To share current events and action happening locally

  • To provide local people with ways to make a difference

  • To appear at any location within Rugby on request (see below to find out how)

Help is Needed!

Our pop-up hub in intended to be a constant work-in-progress and there is also a small pot of funding to develop it further, therefore any help is welcome, and the following specific contributions especially so!

  • Graphic design

  • (Expert) knowledge of climate change

  • Knowledge of local happenings, businesses, resources related to sustainability

  • Ideas for anything else which could be part of the Hub - artwork, a fun activity...?

  • Suggestions for events and places to bring the popup - anywhere in Rugby Borough

  • Volunteers to help man the popup!

Please do get in touch with us if you think you can help in any way

The Pop-Up Hub as a Community Resource

One of the benefits of a pop-up like this is that we can bring it to almost any location in Rugby, on request and within reason. This could be at an event, or at a local community centre, place of worship or school. It may not always be possible to supply volunteers to man the pop-up; in this event we are still happy to lend you the equipment as the information provided as part of the display is still useful and relevant.

If you are interested in using this resource, please get in touch.