Broadwell Turn Farm

Looking for Land

Disappointingly, the land identified at Broadwell Turn became unavailable in 2020, so the group is now looking out for a new plot of land. A break-off group has now been established, and you can follow them for the latest news.

Facebook page.


What Is A Community Farm?

A community farm works just like an ordinary farm, except it is set up and owned using money from anyone in the local community. The initial launch event was held on 14th October 2019, and the project is now in its planning phase, with work hopefully starting this year. The proposed farm will eventually be based on the blueprint of the very successful Five Acre Community Farm near Ryton, which was set up by Transition Town Coventry.

Our vision is one of reconnecting people with the land and the farming year in a meaningful and sustainable way and to provide opportunities for people who live local to the farm to become engaged in farming and in eating local, seasonal, and organic food.

The farm will be a sustainable enterprise that produces local, seasonal, and organic, vegetables for subscriber members, as well as providing ethical and sustainable employment and volunteering opportunities within the wider community.

We hope it will become a pioneering organisation which provides a vehicle for change and sustainable living and an example to other communities as well as reconnecting people living in South and East Coventry, Rugby and Central/East Warwickshire with their environs, with farmland, with agriculture and the seasons of the year.

What Will The Farm Offer?

How Can I Get Involved?

There is now an official steering group for the farm, if you would like to be involved take a look at the Facebook page or website and sign up to the mailing list.

Membership (£2 per month/£1 per month concessions): come along to social events, participate in the work parties, get involved in running the project through quarterly members meetings or be part of the Steering Group

Membership + veg share: membership cost plus:

Collect your share of the weeks’ vegetables each week; commit to helping out with the growing 3 or 4 times per year.

Money – an opportunity to help out with start-up costs:

Management – get stuck in right from the beginning with making it happen!