The Next Step in creating a sustainable future for Rugby?

Would you like to see a centre set up in Rugby, to help our local communities transition to a more sustainable, ethical way of living, as well as generating ways to build community wealth? Read on...


Following a successful kick-off meeting (see below), our next step is to clarify our vision and how to take our project forward - a plan!

We will be meeting in the Town Hall on August 16th, 7pm. This will be the initial opportunity to set the vision and direction that this project will take, so come along and have your say!

All are welcome to join, but please confirm your attendance by completing this form or emailing us (due to security arrangements at the Town Hall, only people listed as attending will be allowed entry).

Up for discussion will be:

The Vision

For some time now, we have discussed the possibility of setting up a physical presence in town - not just for Transition Town, but a centre for potentially all sorts of activities, projects, small businesses, community events and of course visible climate action. This idea now has a very strong possibility of happening with the support of the council, but we still need more people with vision, ideas, skills and knowledge to get this off the ground.

Kick Off Meeting 25th July 2023

On July 25th, we hosted an online public meeting to share ideas and visions for the hub.

We heard about other towns across the UK that have successfully created similar hubs, and there was a Q&A session at the end.

Click the video to watch the full meeting

Notes 2023-07-25

Brief notes of the kick-off meeting can be read here, as well as the full chat!


Who can be involved?

The first meeting is open to all members of the public, businesses, local groups and officials.

What will be the outcome of this first meeting?

We hope to initially bring as many people and ideas in as possible. The intention is that this will result in the formation of a steering group or committee who will then be able to drive this project forward, creating their own vision, objectives and roles.

How could it be funded?

Initial funding may come from a range of sources: Rugby Borough Council has funding for use in projects that contribute to climate action; grants may also be applied for from national organisations; local businesses may also wish to sponsor a project like this. The centre would have opportunity to generate its own income too.

Is this the same as the 'Fargo Village' idea that has been discussed recently?

Recently there has been talk about a community led commercial small business area in Rugby, similar to Fargo Village in Coventry. These two concepts have been created separately, however there are some clear similarities. It should be open for discussion as to whether these projects aim to cooperate or pursue their own aims separately.

What sort of things could the 'hub' be used for?

This will be one of the main topics for discussion, but ideas that have been floated include: