The Next Step in creating a sustainable future for Rugby?

Would you like to see a centre set up in Rugby, to help our local communities transition to a more sustainable, ethical way of living, as well as generating ways to build community wealth? Read on...

The Vision

“to create a vibrant, local, and sustainable hub that empowers individuals and communities to embrace eco-friendly behaviours, fosters collaboration with eco-conscious businesses, and educates the public on the urgent issue of climate change” 

Latest Updates

Our steering group spent the last part of 2023 working behind the scenes to put together a business plan for the Hub, and in 2024 we're putting that into action. Follow our EcoHub Latest page; social media to follow soon.

On Sunday 17th March we will be opening what we hope will become our doors to the public for an open event, where all are invited to find out what is happening, learn more about the possibilities that an Eco Hub could bring to Rugby, and to see what opportunities could be available!

A press release can be seen here.

Why Does Rugby Need an Eco Hub?

For many years Rugby has had a passionate but small base of individuals and small groups working to make Rugby a more sustainable home. However with the climate crisis becoming an ever more likely reality, we need to step up a gear and bring the rest of Rugby's communities with us.

By creating a welcoming space for multiple groups and activities in the centre of Rugby, all focussed on sustainable living and caring for our environment, it is our hope that all this great work will become more visible and mainstream. Those people who previously were worried about climate change but weren't sure what to do, will now be able to come and see for themselves; and perhaps some people who were previously sceptical will have cause to think twice.

What Sort of Things Will Eco Hub Do?

Following our vision, we hope to be able to create all sorts of different opportunities for education, positive action and community building, and keeping it all local will make sure wealth stays in Rugby.

Some of our ambitions are listed here, but the grassroots nature of the Eco Hub means that anyone can come in with a bright idea, and if it fits in with our vision, we'll try it!

Who Can Be Involved?

This project is for everyone in Rugby to use!

In terms of partners, if you have a business or group which fits in with our vision and values and you think you'd benefit from working with us, do get in touch.

And of course our project will depend on volunteers, so we encourage anyone interested to consider donating some time. Currently we are still planning, but extra help would be welcome (we may advertise for specific roles soon). Or you could just let us know if you'd like to help when we're up and running and we can add you to our volunteer group.