EcoHub Latest

February 2024

Things are looking very positive with regards to securing our funding from RBC, and we're hopeful that we can get a contract sorted with the Claremont Centre!

We want to get things moving, so we're pleased to announce an Open Day on the first weekend of March!

The exact date and time will be confirmed soon, however the idea will be to get as many people, groups, businesses and potential partners in as we can, and to present where we are. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and look around the space, and really get a feel for the possibilities.

Come along and find out how an Eco Hub could bring direct benefits to you and your community.

If you have a small business, or you make and craft things, we want to offer you space to operate from, or sell your products.

If you want to be part of the team we will need general volunteers as well as some more specific roles. We also hope to be advertising a paid role for a Hub Manager.

We want our Hub to be available to other groups too, and we hope to be able to offer our support to community projects across Rugby.

We'll also be really pleased to hear any other ideas for how to use the space, which will include a hall, a kitchen, a garden and a cosy sitting room/chillout space!

January 2024

A quiet few weeks while we wait for RBC to consider our business plan, but in the meantime we're thinking about other things.

Several funding opportunities are available currently and we have applied to Transition Seed Funding and the RBC Shared Prosperity Fund, specifically with the idea of starting a 'Library of Things'.

A Library of Things would be a wonderful fit for the Eco Hub as it helps communities in a very hands-on way by being a source of helpful items that often might be too costly for most people to consider buyinng outright. By owning them as a community instead, a small number of items can be shared amongst many!

December 2023

Following the August meeting a steering group has been formed and we have worked diligently to bring the ideas generated in the first two meetings to life. This has resulted in a business plan that has been passed to Rugby Borough Council for review, as a large part of our funding will (hopefully!) come from them.

We're excited to say that things are looking promising at this stage, and we're in advanced discussion with the Claremont Centre at the corner of Clifton Rd and Bath St. While this isn't a high street location as we had discussed previously, it has a lot of extra benefits including plenty of space inside, a garden and parking spaces, while being still very central.

We're looking forward to being able to invite potential partners in very soon.

We also settled on a name, which is very simply: Rugby Eco Hub!

August 2023

Following a successful kick-off meeting (see below), our next step is to clarify our vision and how to take our project forward - a plan!

We will be meeting in the Town Hall on August 16th, 7pm. This will be the initial opportunity to set the vision and direction that this project will take, so come along and have your say!

All are welcome to join, but please confirm your attendance by completing this form or emailing us (due to security arrangements at the Town Hall, only people listed as attending will be allowed entry).

Up for discussion will be:

Kick Off Meeting 25th July 2023

On July 25th, we hosted an online public meeting to share ideas and visions for the hub.

We heard about other towns across the UK that have successfully created similar hubs, and there was a Q&A session at the end.

Click the video to watch the full meeting or read the summary notes here